June 18, 2021

I said:

“I love observing animals and nature while freehiking.  It’s part of what makes freehiking so very enjoyable.”

“The Summer Solstice, and World Naked Hiking Day, is this coming Sunday, June 20th.  It’s a great event to share freehiking with a friend.  We’ve invited friends to visit for a pancake breakfast and freehike.  (See https://www.meetup.com/naturistsofnorthernarizona/ to sign up.) What will you do?  What did you do?”

“Freehiking Prescott Pines” Video – https://youtu.be/A6TWs3oB4sY

Eric says: “Naked Hiker Day was a blast!  I hiked from about nine in the morning to four in the afternoon completely in the nude!  What an awesome day!  It was sunny, sunny, sunny! . . . Hiking along the cool drafts of breeze felt wonderful all along my totally exposed body.  The warm rays of the sun were free to hit along skin rarely exposed to the sun, creating wonderful large amounts of vitamin D reserves for the winter! . . . The day ended with lively conversations around a campfire at beautiful Chicken Spring Lake.”

Franck Rando shares this experience: “At the announcement of an exceptional weather forecast on Wednesday [3/14/18], I couldn’t resist and set off for a day . . . to have a nice snowshoe outing!  The snow having fallen in abundance last week, the snow conditions are delicate, so I orient myself on a relatively simple route and, above all, without risk. . . I prepare myself under the inquisitive eye of the Pyrenees Mountain, remained a good fifty meters behind and start dressed, snowshoes on the backpack. . . Being naked to feel the freshness of the air, contrasted by the heat of the sun’s rays on the skin, with a landscape of such beauty under your eyes, you touch ecstasy! . . . I am so good in my outfit of skin bathed in light!”

NakedLAman shares this experience: “There were ten of us hiking naked in the mecca hills outside Palm Springs CA two days ago.  We ran into a clothed couple.  Our group leader attempted to cover up, but they told us not to bother.  We smiled and walked past them nude. . . If people see naked people doing natural things like hiking it lessens the stigma in the long run.”

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