June 17, 2021

I say:

“One of the healthiest things you can do is freehike.”

“Why a photo of a boat and naked people?  On 6/16.21, Amy and I joined a friend for a naturist boating activity on Lake pleasant in Arizona.  After several miles with the warm breeze rushing past our naked bodies, and a refreshing skinny dip, we landed at a secluded beach and noticed a trail running up the hill.  I decided to freehike the trail alone while the others chose to stay near the boat.  It was a well-worn animal trail made by donkeys, deer, and cows, extending into the desert above.  Cactus lined the trail, so the going was slow, especially in water shoes.  After a mile or so, and after taking some beautiful photos and picking up some interesting rocks, I returned to Amy and my friend at the boat.  The photo was taken from the freehiking trail above.  After sharing what I’d experienced, my friend later took the freehike as can be seen in the following video of his return.”

“Lake Pleasant AZ Freehiking” Video – https://youtu.be/4KNgBH_9Td0

Fred shares this: “I love hiking naked.  I enjoy the sensation of the sun and the wind on my full body.  I love the freedom.  Love the way it liberates my soul and brings me into direct contact with nature.  My ancestors of a hundred thousand years ago had this as their birthright.  Today’s world, in its perversity, would deny me this.  (Just saw a poll in Backpacker Magazine that indicated 26% of respondents had hiked nude and another 17% would like to try.)  It would appear that nude hiking or ‘naking’ or freehiking is not such an unusual hobby.”

NudeAl asks: “Is Freehiking strictly a male pastime?  I was part of a non-landed club that had about a 60/40 mix of men to women, and they did go on hikes especially to natural hot springs, etc.  I just think that men are more outdoors oriented and due to that there are more who are into freehiking.  However, I have also found that if you are a member of an outdoors type club something like the Sierra Club or another eco-friendly group and you are visiting a hot spring most of the members prefer to soak sans clothing.  I think that would be a likely group to interest in freehiking.”

The Outgoing Nudist says: “. . . the Summer Solstice [is] the official longest day of sunlight in the year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere).  Not surprisingly, it’s also World Nude Hiking Day.  The day naturist/nudist groups and organizations put their feet to the ground and hike bare (except for appropriate footwear) in optimal daylight.  A time to experience nature naturally while nature rewards us with a long stretch of sunshine and (hopefully) warm weather.”

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