June 16, 2021

I say:

“Hike nude as you were born – don’t hide the temple of God.”

“Even at 5300 feet, it was too hot for many freehikers – five cancelled, even Amy.   Still three hardy guys stripped naked on 6/15/2021 and freehiked the trails near Stoneman Lake, AZ  It was dry with only a few flowers, but the views of Sedona while hiking and talking together naked in nature made it all worthwhile, for sure!”

“Freehiking Gal” Video – https://twitter.com/i/status/1323981774599442432

The NaturistPlace says this: “We were passed by a number of people, all walking faster than we were, with many a wave and a smile exchanged.  We observed that being naked seemed to exude an implicit air of friendliness towards everybody.”

Vivan Black says: “I honestly wish I could go back to being in the wilderness, cut off from all this political bullshit.  Nude hiking is the escape I need today.”

ColdnNude says: “The most relaxing times I’ve had have been hiking nude in the woods and stopping for a while just to listen, see and feel nature around me.  So peaceful and relaxing.  All your worries and stress melt away.”

3 thoughts on “June 16, 2021

  1. I don’t think the 90s would have bothered me that much, though without shade the sun makes it feel a lot hotter. Back in August 2005 I was at Burning Man in far northern Nevada on a dry lakebed playa in the high desert (~4,000 feet) for the third time. It got into the low to mid 90s for a couple hours during the day, but quickly cooled off to probably the mid 40s at night. Probably single digit humidity and always a breeze. The sweat never had a chance to make you wet — it just left a white powder on your skin at the end of the day! There were plenty of Californians in attendance and some were complaining about the heat and threatening to pass out.

    Coming up from Phoenix, the 90s felt like a relief after being in humid 110 degrees. It’s a clothing-optional event and there was plenty of skin and nudism on display. But as desert rats, we kept some covering on to guard against sunburn, being short on sunscreen. Crazy costuming is de rigueur there and we mostly wore red long underwear and walked around together as the Red Daves.

    But one midnight even though it was somewhere below 50 I ventured out of our tent au naturel to use the porta-john and then just kept wandering through the massive camp for a few minutes, passing some of the night owls strolling through the massive temporary campus. Probably a third of the 30,000 attendees stay out all night. The place is like Vegas — it never really sleeps. Night is the time the wind stops so there was no wind chill to blow through me. The only looks or comments I got were people asking if I was cold. I was, a bit, but the feeling was exhilarating nonetheless.

    Nudity is completely acceptable at Burning Man though only maybe 10 to 20 percent of attendees wander partially or mostly nude and nobody cares. That may be a conservative estimate. Or maybe it just seems like half the people there are naked, because it is so out of most folks’ normal routine. Interestingly I seem to remember more females than males displaying some degree of nudity. There is even an annual bike parade of topless women celebrating breast health and breast cancer awareness. Many hundreds of women pedal a parade route ending at a big party.

    One of the most unusual events for me at the time was at an earlier Burning Man (2003) when I participated in a group nude photo shoot of about 125 people, by a photographer well-know for this sort of thing, but who was not Spencer Tunick. We were all spread out single file in a chevron shape, and photographed facing different directions. It was great fun, but the weirdest part was assembling the group, which met just inside the event’s perimeter fence to disrobe. When I was done, as I looked up, about 40 people had crossed the fence walking away from me across a perfectly flat, featureless, other-worldly lakebed toward the gathering point, with a mountain range in the far distance. The only thing I could think of in that unique moment, as the mostly thin figures ambled, some slightly wobbling away was that I was on a strange planet and these were aliens, not unlike something out of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” just peacefully going to meet their leader.


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