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June 15, 2021

I say:

“Freehiking and free-camping are great ways to enjoy the outdoors nude.”

“I freehiked a wash just east of El Paso, Texas (March 12, 2011).  It starts very soon after leaving the highway, so you only have to drive a short distance on the dirt road.  This large wash slices its way southwest through flat desert lands, between the hills.  Over the years it has cut to the bedrock so you are about ten feet below the desert floor and can freehike without being seen.  Dirt roads occasionally cross the wash and allow easy access to beautiful desert vistas.  I walked the wash naked until I met a dirt road several miles into the desert, then returned.”

“The Natural Route” (Video) –

Here’s a thought from the NaturistPlace: “One problem with naturism is the habitual secrecy employed by naturists themselves.  This is to avoid any possible conflict with those who still cling to their irrational body shame.  The fact that many naturists – especially in the U.S. – go out of their way to avoid being seen naked by non-naturists, even when hiking, only adds to the general perception that nudity is not ‘normal’, and indeed should be kept hidden.”

The NaturistPlace also says this: “Nothing makes it easier for a nude man to inadvertently run into people on the trail than having a woman – clothed or unclothed – with him.”

Sarah shares this: “But to hike naked – It was a dream, with a big question on the fact that it is possible?  Would I dare?  Or?  When?  How?  ‘Or’ What?  Following a preliminary meeting and an exchange on this practice, here we are, Franck and I, ready for a hike!  At the start, around 10:15 am . . . We are therefore alone for the start, which is done directly in natural clothes!  And, what simplicity!  What obvious!  It happens so naturally! . . . I had made the decision to do the hike really naked so no shoes on as much as possible.  I took a pair of sandals with really good soles though, just in case. . . Time no longer exists, only the moment is, in contemplation, in the consciousness of the body in motion, in the infinite softness of the air in contact with the skin, all the skin, bath of soft light, and in contact with Earth. . .  there are two people.  We cover ourselves modestly and respectfully with a sarong before passing the relief and going against them.  It’s so simple and so easy!”

2 thoughts on “June 15, 2021

  1. Fred says: Having such a group of friendly acquaintances within easy driving distance for casual walks would be divine. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Why not? Who else is in this situation?

    I got married to a natural naturist lady, and then advertised on the Internet for like-minded freehikers.

    What did you do about it?


    1. Fred says:“Every now and then the Two Roads Theater does another Nude Comedy LA. I usually do a standup routine. I’ve been known to sing a show tune [nude].

      Ken: I love nude karaoke. I go and sing nude many Friday nights. And I also love freehiking, of course. You’re welcome to join our events sometime. You can stay at our place if you’d like. Your wife is also welcome and doesn’t need to be naked. Our schedule of events is here:


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